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3 Tips To Get the Best Value On Car Insurance

While a necessary expense, few people like paying money to auto insurance companies.

Make sure that you’re getting the most value from your car insurance policy by using these three tips.

1. Shop around often.

The idea that you get a discount for being a long-term customer might be valid. However, it might not outweigh the fact that you might just find cheaper rates somewhere else. Independent agents are able to shop around with many carriers.

Having your policy shopped around once a year or whenever your driving situation changes is your best bet. If your previous job had driving 1,000 miles a week, you likely needed strong coverage. However, when you get the job that’s two blocks from your house, see what your current insurer can do to bring down the cost of your policy.

Also, have your independent agent check what other companies will quote you. Did you just add your 16 year old son? That might raise your premiums. But, another company might have a slightly less frightening rate.

2. Raise your deductibles.

Most people don’t file claims every year, or even every three or four. By raising your collision and comprehensive deductible, you can usually save on premiums.

Be sure to set aside that deductible amount so that when you eventually need to make a claim, it’s ready. Lower premiums are money saving devices.

3. Have enough coverage.

You don’t have to look far to find the sad tale of someone who had an accident with an uninsured motorist. While it’s frustrating that responsible people need to take out policies to cover themselves from such irresponsibility, it’s essential to you and your family’s finances.

Say you’re laid up in the hospital for two weeks with a broken leg from an uninsured motorist. By having appropriate coverage, you can be quite certain that your insurance company will be easier to work with than if you were making a claim on your own policy for the same reason. Buying $100,000 coverage limits on each person with a $300,000 per accident limit is a good rule of thumb. For added protection, an umbrella policy might give you an extra million dollars in coverage.


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