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Distracted Driving and in-Dash Technology

How does in-dash technology impact a driver? Today, there are numerous types of technology built into the dashboard of a vehicle. It is common to find new technology launching all the time. Examples include cameras and communication tools.

Each addition to the dashboard creates a new opportunity for distracted driving. Filing an auto insurance claim for such a situation is never a good thing.

Study Shows Just How Dangerous It Is

The American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study. It looked at distracted driving. Here is one example of the risk from the study. A driver going 25 miles per hour could spend as much as 40 seconds programming a vehicle’s in-dash navigation system. That is about equal to the same length as three football fields. The study also looked at how long a driver remains distracted after looking at a text or email. It found driver distraction as long as 27 seconds during this.

The study looked at infotainment systems. Many vehicles today are incorporating more methods of in-dash technology like this. It is a type of technology that gives drivers more ability to control their environment. Touchscreen systems are a big concern. The researchers of the study found that they create a very high level of distraction for the driver. This also includes voice-based technologies.

What Is the Risk?

In-dash technology like this creates a higher level of risk for accidents. Auto insurance may minimize the cost of these risks. However, distraction is a life-threatening situation. It is unlikely that fewer infotainment systems will make it into vehicles. They are in-demand features that car manufacturers are providing. Consumer demand is not likely to change.

So, how do we avoid this situation of distraction? Some experts recommend providing consumers with a way to turn off in-dash technology. Others recommend that consumers avoid buying vehicles that feature this type of technology. In all situations, drivers need to make the wise choice. Just like not picking up a phone, drivers need to avoid using this type of technology on the road.

There are increasing levels of auto insurance claims for distracted driving. Yet, distracted driving continues to grow because technology continues to be so accessible. Safe drivers know that these types of risks lead to car insurance claims, as well as put families at risk. Therefore, they should do all they can to minimize these risks.


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