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Will Home Insurance Help Cover A Cracked Driveway?

A crack in the driveway can be a problem for many homeowners. It not only can be an eyesore, but it also can create a dangerous situation. For example, guests could trip on the cracked concrete. Or the crack could cause your tires to deflate.

As a property owner, you need to make repairs to the driveway. These repairs ensure the driveway remains safe for your family and for your visitors. It also helps lessen your liability.

Don’t count on your insurance policy to cover these repairs though. Home insurance may help with some driveway-related repairs. However, this usually only happens when the damage was due to a sudden and unexpected event.

Let’s take a closer look at situations where you might be covered.

What Caused the Crack?

Let’s say a storm occurred, knocking over a large tree. The tree hit the driveway and cracked it. In cases where the event occurs suddenly, some home insurance policies will cover it. However, most driveway cracks do not occur like this. Rather, they occur because of uneven soil underneath. After periods of rain or other types of weather, the soil under your driveway could shift or wash away. This situation can weaken the support under your driveway concrete, causing cracks. Home insurance won’t cover this issue, as it’s deemed a long-term problem.

That said, it can never hurt to check. If you have a significant danger develop, call your home insurance agent. Discuss the problem. The agent might be able to come to your home to inspect the damage and determine the underlying cause. As they do, they can verify whether your home insurance will cover it.

Driveway repairs may require filling cracks or pumping material under the concrete to stabilize it. If your policy covers repairs, your home insurance agent will help you get a quote for them. Be sure to learn about all your repair options for long-term benefits.

Recognize the Risks

It is up to you to keep your property safe. If you have a crack in the driveway and someone falls, you could be responsible. In this case, your home liability coverage might pay the medical losses the other party sustains. However, it will only do this for third-parties. These are people who do not live at the home. Your policy also will not cover damage to your car resulting from a cracked driveway.

Be sure to make repairs to your driveway. Invest wisely in keeping the driveway in good shape. Keep an eye out for changes, especially after the seasons change. Taking this step can help reduce the risks of injuries or other damage.


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