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Whether buying your first home or settling into what you hope will be the last, a good home insurance policy is a must.

At Garland Insurance Inc., we have access to top carriers offering affordable home insurance policies to homeowners throughout Florida, Tennesse, and Alabama.

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Home Insurance FAQs

Home insurance policies cover four main areas. Our comprehensive policies generally include things like

  1. Dwelling Coverage

    Dwelling coverage provides compensation to you if the physical home is damaged or destroyed due to fire, wind, hail, lightning, smoke and other covered incidents. This insurance also covers attached structures (such as garages) and a few unattached structures. It generally doesn’t cover fences or outdoor signs.

  2. Personal Belongings Coverage

    Personal belongings coverage provides compensation if your physical belongings are damaged or destroyed to due the same incidents as covered under dwelling insurance, including theft and vandalism. This coverage may cover anything from clothes and trinkets to electronics.

  3. Personal Liability

    Personal general liability covers expenses if someone is injured or their personal property is damaged on your property. This can cover a guest’s medical expenses for injuries (such as if they slip down your stairs and break an ankle) and help you with legal fees if someone decides to sue. This insurance can also cover injuries and damages caused by your children and pets.

  4. Is Home Insurance Required?

    In case your home is rendered uninhabitable due to a disaster, additional living expense coverage provides financial assistance if you must temporarily move while the home is being repaired or rebuilt.

    Not sure how much home insurance you should purchase? Speak with an agent at Garland Insurance Inc. today at to discuss your insurance needs.

Contrary to popular belief, home insurance isn’t required by state or federal law in the U.S. However, you may be required to carry a certain amount of home insurance by your mortgage lender. You may have more freedom with your home insurance limits after your home is paid off, but it’s important to maintain enough insurance to protect your home against large financial loss in case of an incident.

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Florida is around $3,439 a year. This number depends on a variety of factors, however, such as your zip code, claims history, credit score, coverage limits, the value of your home and more. Get a quote to see how much you can save on homeowners insurance.

There is no set limit to how many home insurance claims you may file. In general, it’s recommended that you don’t file more than two home insurance claims within a five-year span, otherwise you could face higher premiums. More than that may make it difficult for you to find affordable coverage.

When you file a home insurance claim, an underwriter from the insurance provider will investigate the claim to calculate how much compensation you will receive. Compensation is based on the type of policy you have and the amount of damage done. Once the claim is approved, you will receive a lump sum payment of compensation for the loss or damages.

Home insurance is crucial for all homeowners, especially in Florida. A single bad storm can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home, which can be difficult (or even impossible) to pay out of pocket. Home insurance protects you from heavy financial burdens and allows you to fix damage quickly so you and your family can continue living without worry.

You can buy home insurance before even closing on your home. In fact, you should purchase home insurance before officially signing the dotted line so that you are covered from the moment you walk in the door.

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